Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Rethinking the printing approach

Aquatint Print

Here is one of my aquatint prints...they were a bit of a fail. The contrast in tone isn't severe enough so the image doesn't work. The aquatinting process was great fun but it took aaaaages! Because I don't think I'll have the time to develop my aquatinting skills and produce the seven final images (and front cover, yay!) I am hoping to find a more efficient way of producing prints. Hmm...how about...linocut!

Linocut idea
Ok, so, here's my linocut idea. I think it's far better than my aquatint already! I didn't put enough effort into developing the image for aquatinting so I'm mad sure that for this linocut, I know exactly what I want the print to look like before I even start cutting into the lino. I wacked this image out on Photoshop and I'm now in the process of cutting, it's time consuming but muchos fun! Anyhew, I'm going on.

Thanks all, God bless.


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  1. Looking Good Randell :) Praying for you :)