Friday, 30 August 2013

Return to The Far East

Yesterday, Tom and I arrived at our home for the next two years. We're living and working in Cheonsung Presbyterian Church in the city of Cheonan, Korea.
Our Journey to the church took a total of thirty-three hours and we took two planes, a coach, and a taxi to reach our final destination (excluding travel to the airport initially). The first flight was roughly thirteen hours long and brought us to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. We found that we coukd easily sleep on the first flight, so time went by quickly for us. Upon arriving at Kuala Lumpur, Tom grabbed something to eat and we went in search of Monopoly Deal in a toy shop. Sadly, we could not find the original edition of Monopoly Deal but rather a 'Millionaire' version, so we settled with Uno instead.
As we went through customs at Kuala Lumpur, I was careful to remove my pencil case and watercolour paints to avoid having to remove everything from my backpack a second time. Heathrow Airport customs had been very thorough in making sure that I wasn't carrying anything explosive or toxic in my bag. Still, even though we got through without any hitches this time, Tom was still through to the waiting lounge a good few minutes before me.
The second flight dragged on for quite some time so Tom and I entertained ourselves by playing several hands of Uno. The Goal stated by the instructions is for each player to try to reach 500 points before the other players...this took us 2-3 hours.
The immigration at Incheon Airport was swift and we entered Korea with no problems, phew! I say this because when we were at Kuala Lumpur airport one of the assistants that helped us mentioned that Tom may not be allowed into Korea without proof of a return flight. All was good however, God's got it sorted.
The coach journey took about two-and-a-half hours due to the traffic around Seoul. As you can see, Tom enjoyed this journey very much...

After arriving in Cheonan and hauling our 30kg suitcases from the coach, we took a taxi to the church. We arrived at the church in the midst of a thunderstorm, the thunder and lightning were like nothing I had personally experienced before. Mrs. Byun (a lovely lady who works in and is a member of the church) met us and helped us carry our luggage up to our appartment.
It didn't take us long to fill one of our bookshelves. I own about 6/7 of these books and a few of the bibles, the rest belong to Tom.
We made a mess and then relaxed.

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