Friday, 27 November 2009

I didn't spend a lot of time in Uni today, I'm tired. But, at midday we had a lecture on how to use Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, two proffesional programs that are used for editing movies etc. I've heard from a couple of classmates that they thought it was boring but I absaloutely loved it! I guess it's the facination with Hayao Miyazaki's work that does it. I can't wait to make a short animation for this project, I'm already starting to think it though, probably not such a good idea as the tutors will push us to go about things a particular way. So for now, it'll be best not to plan the whole thing out!
So, Hayao Miyazaki, a superb animator who is known all over the world for his amazing works. Miyazaki founded studio Ghibli with Isao Takahata in 1985 I believe. I've been reading up a little about Miyazaki but I haven't learnt too much yet. I've discovered a little about Studio Ghibli's processess though and the reason their films are so brilliant is because of their burning passion and perseverance. I didn't realise how much thought and effort is put into choosing the appropriate colours for an animation, it's crazy!
Well, got to go!

Thanks, God bless.


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