Sunday, 22 November 2009

Collecting Rubbish...

This morning my friend Tim and I went to Waterfront Church in St.Judes, it's where we've been going for the past couple of weeks, well, maybe a bit longer. The sermons are great and I find I get a lot out of them when I'm not too exhausted. I love being in a Church that has it's eyes fixed on Jesus and reaching the community.
This afternoon Woody and I went in search of rubbish, when I say rubbish I mean clean rubbish. Just to clarify, we weren't raiding peoples dustbins, bin juice is dangerous! We quickly gave up and resorted to visiting Wilkinsons to pick up a few bits and pieces like light bulbs, screws, hinges, foil trays, straws etc. Basically, this week in illustration we're starting Illus 120 'Understanding and creating sequence'. This first week of the module we will be creating faces/characters using rubbish/junk, should be exciting!
I'll leave it at that for today.

Thanks =)

God bless,


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