Friday, 20 November 2009

I had my assessment yesterday, so I had today off, no Uni!
This morning I went into the studio in the morning to chat a little, caught up with some friends who had their assessment today. Soon after, I visited the Uni library, it's brilliant! It's one of a few fantastic resources in the University that are really worth making the most of. I took out two books: The art of Kiki's Delivery Service and a book about Hayao Miyazaki himself and his works. I love Miyazaki's films but I've only seen a few of them! I haven't read a book in a long time and I thought it's about time I got into reading something that I enjoy! So I'm quite looking forward to reading these books and learning more about Miyazaki and his works and the intricacies of the animation process.
This afternoon I decided to jump on my bike and follow the Plym Valley cycle path, it was epic! Previously I had only seen the beginning of the path so I had no idea what it was like further along. The beginning of the path runs along side the Plym Valley Railway that appears to be unfinished at the moment. After cycling for about five to ten minutes I reached a car park and the entrance to Plym Bridge woods. After this point it was like entering into an entirely new world! The valley is huge and has a large river flowing through it. I found myself crossing bridges that stood over the river, the views were stunning! At the first large bridge I began to regret not taking a camera and sketchbook with me. The main path has little paths on either side that lead to exciting little trails all over the valley. It's an absolutely stunning place, so quite, so peaceful, and so beautiful. I can't possibly describe what a wonderful place it is. I can't concentrate too well at the moment.
At the moment, my friend Beth and I are sat in her room doing our own little things. Beth is creating a journal from scrap paper, she is sowing it together, it's going to be great!

Thanks for reading.

God bless,


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