Sunday, 8 January 2012

Goals and Targets...or just rough guidelines.

Ah yes, the start of another calendar year! Maybe I should set some goals? I always found it odd how we wait until the start of a new calendar year to set ourselves our big goals, why not June 2011 until June 2012 for example? I'm going to follow suit anyway because I have done next to nothing this Christmas break (MINECRAFT, DARN YOU!!) and hope to up my 'doing'.

I have some personal goals that may be to complex to share but in terms of learning I really want to jump on picking up Japanese again. I loved doing it in college and I miss it so much! But in terms of learning, I really want to focus on drawing the human figure and learning how to paint digitally...simple enough, maybe?

Watch this space, this is going to happen!

Also, Whisper of The Heart is officially my favourite Studio Ghibli film. I must have watched it about five or six times over the past few weeks, so good! I highly recommend it if you love stories driven by their characters...I'm not going to do it justice, just watch it!

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