Tuesday, 10 January 2012


My Genki book came in the post today, aw yeah! I got hold of a secondhand copy of Volume 1 for half the normal price, not bad.
What is Genki? I think the word genki (げんき) in Japanese means excitement or enthusiasm. The book is 'An integrated course in elementary Japanese' so I'm going to use it as a resource (along with other stuffs of course) to begin learning Japanese again. I'm excited! I don't have much else to say on this...did I mention I'm excited!?

And Uni
I'm traveling back to Plymouth on Thursday and getting myself ready to begin the Spring term of my final year at Uni. I want to say that I'm excited for this term but at the moment I'm not. However, give it a few days and I'm sure some enthusiasm will kick in, KABLAM! Being with friends and getting to spend this term with them will be great. I'm definitely going to miss our comfy community studio environment once the year is over but the mystery of what's going to happen in the next stage of my life has got me looking forward to finishing.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year everyone! Forgot to say that previously!
I hope you're all excited for the upcoming challenges and adventures that will present themselves this year :)

God bless

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