Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A Good Start...

So, we started back at Uni on Monday. It's good to be back and after chilling out together and relaxing on the first day back, we started working hard..

Minecraft still has a strong vice on us all, it's so addictive! As well as trying to get focused on my artwork, I'm also trying to be a lot more organized this term in my time management and how my workspace is arranged. As you can see, it's going well!

Ok, in all seriousness, I'm really trying to get focused here! You've got to believe me! As a way to kick my own backside into making the most of everyday, I've accepted the Crimson Daggers Deathline Challenge. Crimson Daggers is an online study group that was initially started up by the awesome Illustrator/Concept Artist Dave Rapoza. Dave has now passed the torch to his friend Dan Warren, another wicked Illustrator. Dan runs daily livestreams where he studies and encourages other artists to work hard and do the same. The Crimson Daggers community has grown a ton! The skills levels vary massively but everyone comes together with the same goal to better themselves and encourage each other.

So anyway, this is what the Deathline Challenge is (in short) in the words of Dan: "In the next year, I wanna challenge everyone to achieve their top three personal goals to the absolute best of their abilities."

I've set my three goals and I'm going to be working on them daily. So I want to encourage you, if you have goals that you want to achieve but you're not working at them yet or you think they're too difficult, get started anyway and get started now! By chipping away at them a little bit each day, you'll get there in time.

God bless you all,


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  1. I enjoy how enthusiastic your blog posts are benj! i think i need to set some goals, one will be to prove to dean that i am not useless at life drawing and to get at least a c+ for our next module! hopefully it wont take a miracle...