Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Hold the line!

Now that we've handed in all of our Uni work for assessment, I have some time to do my own artwork, schweet! I want to get a few pieces done for the degree show on June 15th so I've decided to embark on a mini quest to create some Mass Effect fan art focusing on the Suicide Mission from ME2. I settled with this composition and I'm playing with a few of the elements. It's not as dynamic as I'd like but it's the best I can come up with at the moment. Lets take it to the Collectors! Assuming direct control of this art-form!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Benj, this is a good start mate the composition is looking good. Id get rid of the space ship in the background and have background from the second wip instead it helps the characters pop and doesnt interfere with the composition you have with the characters.

    Its quite hard to crit at the moment as I think you need to take it further first before anything can really be critiqued. Try concentrating on getting poses of the figures worked out with rough anatomy, and define the lighting clearly.

    Overlap shapes to create depth, you kind of played with it with the figures poses but it could be pushed a bit more.

    I think in general your second wip is much stronger, its more simple and easy to read, you start to over complicate things as you carry on and have removed some of the things that are making it work like the curvier shapes of the background were contrasting nicely with the slightly angular foreground characters.

    Hope that helps mate, keep it up will look cool for the show if you can get it finished, or just do it for fun :)