Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Resident Frog

There's a frog living in our barrel! So we have a barrel full of murky water and a few plants that we call our 'pond'. This glorified barrel was home to a few goldfish (that had been alive for ages!) until they were killed off by miracle grow...yeah. But now there is a new resident that we noticed today, he was chillin' in the sun. We haven't told him about the rent yet.

This Summer

So far I've been home for about three weeks and I haven't really got back into the swing of things. I've been working on a job for a marketing company called Social-Zoo. Once the final illustrations have all been okayed I will post them up on my sorry looking website.
I'm off to New Wine this week, back for a week, then to Malta, and then Soul Survivor. After all these goings on I will finally get to work on something! This is what I have planned...

Sci-fi Epic
Mr Dave Hooper and I have plans to create a series of comics/a short graphic novel that will take place within our own Sci-fi universe. We haven't even properly discussed what we're going to do yet but I know Dave has something up his sleeve that is going to revolve around the term 'star-ship' being taken very literally!

Board Game
My personal favourite is Okay then. For one of my projects in Uni I began creating a Sci-fi board game. I made a few cards but it didn't really go any further than that. Time to rekindle the fire into a roaring blaze! I've worked out that I'll have to illustrate about 48 cards; a sizable project!

I rather like Japan and after reading my cousin Khan's blog I've been inspired to do an illustrative project on Japan. I think I'll draw a lot of the traditional aspects of Japan but we'll see where it goes, as long as it's to do with Japan.

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God bless.


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