Sunday, 23 June 2013

Journey to The Far East - Monday 17th June

Monday 17th
Tom and I took another walk up the hill behind the church and along the woodland paths towards the centre of Cheonan.
The view as we emerged from the trail
We didn't quite reach the centre of Cheonan but we took a wander down a few streets on this side of town, contemplated buying a kettle, decided against it, and then headed home. On the way home we spotted a 30kph sign integrated within the design of some railings, we also noticed that the sign was on both the road and pavement sides of the railing. It looks like some pedestrians need to slow down!
As we're on the subject of pavements, railings, and speed limits, I'd like to mention how zebra crossings work here in Korea. As far as I'm aware, all zebra crossings here in Cheonan have a coundown timer/indicator next to the universal green man. These timers show you how much time you have to cross the road before the traffic lights change for the vehicles. I think this is a great idea as you'd assume that if someone wanted to cross with only three seconds left, they'd wait for the next opportunity to avoid being run over. However, I can also see how some would take the risk with only a few seconds to spare.

Pedestrian speed limit...
Countdown to impending death...

We still had no running hot water in our apartment and the kettle takes some time to heat up so Tom found an alternative method to heating our water that seemed to be fairly effective. I stuck with the kettle.

Our alternative water heater

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