Monday, 24 June 2013

Journey to The Far East - Tuesday 18th - Wednesday 19th

We've got a new kettle! Not particulary exciting news but it does make a minor difference to our lives. We also have hot running-water thanks to Cheonsung Church's handy man, legend! We're pleased to have hot water running through our taps. I was having a think about how easy it is for us to simply to turn on a tap and get hot running-water. I know it's something that I've taken for granted throughout my life, it's something worth being thankful for.
Jacob, contently holding our new kettle
This week we've spent a little bit of time at Yeso nursery about 10-15 minutes drive away from Cheonsung Church. May I add that after our first visit Jacob handed the wheel over to Tom and I. The fact that we both haven't driven in a while, let alone in a busy city and on the right-hand side of the road wasn't scary at all! I almost pulled out of a junction onto the wrong side of the road and drove over a speed bump way too fast. Tom pretty much had the driving in the bad (from my opinion) but I think we both found it a tad scary first time round. We're now fairly confident about the driving side of things having drove back and forth two times each.

Yeso nursery (Yeso meaning something along the lines of 'in communication with Jesus') was opened around a year ago (I think) and looks after a lot of the kids of members in the church. I believe the nursery was opened by Cheonsung Church, so there's a direct link there. The kids are ridiculously cute and spending time with them is a real. Everytime we left the nursery I felt upbeat and uplifted. We spent our time at the nursery doing English activities with the kids.

We also attempted to cook for the first time since being here, the result was pretty horrendous. We cooked the noodles for far too long and didn't rinse them with cold water so they became mega starchy and stuck together resulting in huge noodle logs. The veg wasn't seasoned and we literally whacked them all in a pan and boiled them. The finishing touch to the meal was a red sauce that we don't actually know the name of.

It was nice to look at...


  1. Loving the blog, it made me laugh today. (log noodles!!) :)

  2. We also love the Blog...found the cooking piece particularly amusing ! You're not cooking when you get back home ;-) As for the driving...well done both for having a go and mastering the RHS.